Yiriane Kahn, born in Dominican Republic (1985), studied Fine Arts for four years at the Peruvian university Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, then transferred to the School of Fine Arts at University of Barcelona, where she finished her studies. After graduating with a degree in Fine Arts in the year 2009, she returned to Peru to begin her professional life and form a family.

She has received several recognitions for her artistic production, including Honor Roll in the course “Photo and Sculptural Space: Structure of the Landscape and the Environment” (University of Barcelona, ​​2007-2008); PUCP Art Award: Adolfo Winternitz in 2003 and 2006.

Yiriane Kahn, has multiple individual and collective exhibitions in Peru and abroad:

 -   Individual:

- "Mirada Azul" (Blue Look), La Martina Café CCPUCP (Lima, Peru 2019)

- "Raíces" (Roots), Centro Colich Gallery (Lima, Peru 2015); and

- "Eclosión" (Hatching), Yvonne Sanguinetti Gallery (Lima, Peru 2014)

- Bipersonal:

- "Matería y Espiritú” (Matter and Spirit), Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma, Sala 770 (Lima, Peru 2018)

- "Estados Matéricos” (Matter State), La Galería (Lima, Peru 2018)

- "Hydros", CCPUCP Gallery (Lima, Peru 2016), and APEC Cultural Center (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 2015)

- “Endorfinas” (Endorphines),  Galería Corriente Alterna (Lima, Peru 2012)

- Collective:

- "Procesos" (Process), CCPUCP web gallery (Lima, Peru 2020)

- "5amigos5miradas del arte" (5friends 5views to art) Museo Amano  (Lima, Peru 2020).

- "Confluencias I" (Confluences I), José Antonio Gallery (Lima Peru 2018)

- "Vóragine" (Maelstrom), Boulevard Asia Cultural Center (Lima, Peru 2018)

- “Other Geographies II: TheSsea, a Parallel Territory”, Alliance Francaise (Lima, Peru 2013)

- Second National Young Artists Painting Competition 09, Pancho Fierro Municipal Art Gallery (Lima, Peru 2009)

- “TAC Clicks - Photography and Environment”, University of La Laguna (Canary Islands, Spain 2009)

- “Art Week”, School of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Barcelona (Barcelona, ​​Spain 2009).